ABOUT Surjal Mata Ji

The first priest of Surjal Mata mandir of Sudarshan was a Muslim named Safdal Khan. He was the originator of the Malwan caste. He was a vassal and used to worship Mataji. The temple had lot of gold reserves during that time. Driven by greed, the Thakur (landowner) of Bidasar wanted to capture the village. Thakur sent one of his envoys to test the devotion of the priest. The envoy asked the priest for gold and a gold ring appeared. Thakur sent his envoy again to the mandir. This time he asked the priest for bitter pods and gold coin. He found these items on the back side of the temple. After listening to all these miracles, Thakur sent his envoy for the third time. He came and expressed his desire to meet the Goddesss. Even Safdal Khan who used to worship Mataji daily, did not had a chance to have divine vision (darshan) of Mataji till date. He was in a fix now. He knew he will not be able to make the envoy have darshan of Mataji, so he decided to end his life to preserve the sanctity of the Goddess. When he was about to give his life, he heard a voice asking “Why you want to end your life, ask the envoy to come in front of the mandir tomorrow morning and I will give her darshan“. The next morning when the envoy visited the temple, the mother gave her darshan. The envoy became unconscious and since then he became a devotee of the mother. Later, he took Jeev Samadhi in the mandir.

Safdal Khan donated 1160 Bigha of land for Mataji’s Oran. Even today, this land is under Mataji’s Oran. This land is fully protected. No one breaks the branches of the trees on it. Whoever tried to grab the land of Mataji, Mother gave him befitting reply. As the legend goes, a Jaat who was quite prosperous encroached Mataji’s land. Consequently, he become very poor and his life became very miserable and he suffered from many diseases before falling to his death. His sons then prayed to Mataji and donated land double the size their father had grabbed including the initial land. After the atonement by the sons, Mataji was pleased with the Jaat family and prosperity of that family returned. Today that Jaat family is highly prosperous.

Once there was drought for a long time. The farm barns were destroyed. A small boy then decided to sit in front of the temple and took a vow not to eat/drink anything until it rains. After three days with the grace of Karunamayi Mata, it rained heavily. Thus, the mother saved her devotees.

Geography and Location

The Surjal Mata Mandir is located in Sudrasan village in Didwana Tehsil of Nagaur district in Rajasthan, India. It is situated 32km away from sub-district headquarter Didwana and 132km away from district headquarter Nagaur. Sudrasan village is also a gram panchayat.

The geographical area is 15.09 km square. The total population is 3,910. There are about 671 houses in Sudrasan village. Losal is nearest town to Sudrasan which is approximately 7km away. Local languages include Marwari, Hindi, English, Urdu and Rajasthani.

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