About Surjal Mata

The Surjal Mata mandir is situated on a mound in the north of Sudrasan village. Surjal Mata temple is very ancient. It is said that Surjal mata mandir is of Mahabharata era. The local name of Sudarshana Mata is Surjal Mata. She is also called Sudrasana Mata. The Devi got Her name as Sudarshana/Sudrasana based on the name of the village Sudarshan/Sudrasan. Inside the sanctum sanctorum there are three big statues and three idols of Durga Mata on either side.


View mesmerizing photos and videos of Surjal Mata mandir. Photos of temple premises, structural carvings, deities, temple decor and devi idols.

About Surjal Mata

The sanctum sanctorum of Surjal Mata of Sudrasan is very artistic and beautiful. It is a wonderful specimen of ancient architecture.


Read Chalisa and Aarti of Surjal Mataji. “श्री सुरजलायै नमः” (Shree Surjalayee Namaha) is the mool mantra of Surjal Mata ji of Sudrasan.

Surjal Mata’s giant Oran (land left under the name of Mataji) is 1160 Bigha. In the village of Sudrasan one can still find idols, ancient relics and remnants of old houses which proves the ancient beauty of this village. Fairs are held during every Chaitra and Ashwin Navratri. During Navratri festival, people from across the India visit the temple to perform Jaath Jadula rituals.

The remains of an ancient temple of Lord Surya still exist here. Near the mandir there is an ancient water reservoir which is quite deep. Old inscriptions can be found inside the temple. There is a meeting hall in the mandir. A statue of Mahishasurmardini is installed on the rear side of Parikrama. In the middle of the right part is the statue of Lord Vishnu and in the middle of the left part is the statue of Ganesha. There are many other sculptures engraved on both sides of the statue and above the orbits.

The original idols of the Surjal Mata Sudarshan were broken by the Mughal rulers. Sher Shah Suri had invaded Maldev and destroyed the original idol and temple as well. Even during the reign of Aurangzeb, sculptures were broken. Jojri river used to flow from here and the entire village got destroyed during a flood. However, since the mandir was situated on a mound nothing happened to it.

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